Discussed about Halal with Mr. Hatoyama.

11 Dec

I was able to have discussion with Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

He had given his opinion towards spreading of Muslims and Halal as measures taken for inbound in Japan. He had also mentioned that he is expecting globalization of Japan.

He sincerely thinks about Japan and I was extremely impressed by the various vision he holds. I am more than grateful that I could learn many things from him.

He was a very friendly man, and I was able to enjoy my time with him apart from all the discussions of the serious matters we had.

Mr. Hatoyama and Mr. Haga, thank you very much for taking your time to spend with me.

I met Mr. Hatoyama

11 Dec

I was able to discuss about spreading of Halal with Former Prime Minister Hatoyama.

I could get to know about people from different fields and industries, and it was a meaningful time spent.

Thank you very much Mr. Hatoyama.

Mobile mosque exhibition in Odaiba

11 Dec

On 18th Aug 2019, display of Mobile Mosque was held at Odaiba, Tokyo.

Mr. Inoue has invited the representative director’s family and friends to the display.

We, JMA, have been promoting Mobile Mosque since the last display held in Urayasu with members of Mobile Mosque steering committee, including Mr. Inoue.

We were able to pray at the Mobile Mosque once again.

We are looking forward to support it with all our effort.

Visited Kamichiku

11 Dec

We had visited Kamichiku Kawasaki Factory.

Kamichiku is a company that mainly works on livestock industry – such as food making for the livestocks, raising the livestocks, meat processing & milk processing, selling and restaurant industries.

Today we had a talk about Halal and Halal Promote with our company.

We also visited and took a look at Halal meat factory. We were overwhelmed by how dynamic it was.

There will be more healthy meals using Halal meats. It was a good experience.

Thank you everyone of Kamichiku.

Pizzeria Santa Fe" in Ueno has obtained halal certification.

11 Dec

36 menus from "Pizzalia Santa Fe" located at Ueno Taitou-ku, has acquired Halal certification under JMA's investigation!

Adachi Chef got interested in Halal, and started Halal menus by self-study. Thanks to that, lots of menus were able to get Halal certification.

As stated in the restaurant's name, it mainly serves Pizza - but apart from that, salad, pasta, set menus and more are attractive as well. There is also an accommodation in the same building targeted towards young tourists (Hostel Waq Waq), and you can have a stay there with low price.

Under JMA's supervision, Prayer room has been set up and Mr. Ichiro Sugimoto (Chief Director of Chiba Islamic Cultural Center) has filled the room with the Azaan.

JMA hopes that many people get to know about Halal, and we give free Halal certification to restaurants who seriously deal with Halal. Pizzalia Santa Fe has acquired Halal certification under our Halal Promote activity as well.

Muslims and non-Muslims, both can enjoy Italian meal at Pizzalia Santa Fe. Please have a try! It's extremely comfortable as well!

Have a pleasant time with people from various countries and hearth-baked pizza!

Lastly, we thank Mr. Sugimoto for the sake of Halal certificate acquisition.

Thank you, Mr. Adachi, the chef of the Santa Fe!


Pizzalia Santa Fe 

2-20-2, Kita Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Contact link: 


Hostel Waqwaq:  https://www.facebook.com/hostelwaqwaq/


Nakahora Dairy Farm Halal authentication renewal complete.

09 Dec

We visited "Nakahora Dairy Farm" in Iwate Prefecture for field survey of JMA's Halal Certification.
We confirmed that there are no haram components in all of the items in the product listed, finished this year's survey 2018.
In this way, it becomes a Halal product updated properly every year, for Muslims and Japanese people.It can be purchased with peace of mind.
"Nakahora Dairy Farm people" thank you for your co-operation.
Please try by all means Halal products of Nakahora Dairy Farm, which is packed with nature!


"Medicine dining room CHABUZEN" Muslim Friendly Certification was acquired!

09 Dec

Regarding the announcement made about issuing free Halal certification on 15th Sep at Halal Seminar, IMO (International Memon Organization) Japan VP & JMA (Japan Muslim Access) representative Saleem Sandha decided to put words into action. The restaurant "Yakuzen shokudou chabuzen" in Tokyo has acquired Halal certification for 10 Halal Menus from JMA.

We put efforts to contribute in making better lives for Muslims in Japan. May Allah give us success, Ameen آمين.

メ ニ ュ ー 名  Menu Name
ハラルドラゴン    Halal Dragon
ハラル担々麺 Halal Tantanmen
ハラル酸辣湯麺 Halal Suratanmen
ハラルスープカレー Halal Soupcurry
ハラル中華粥 Halal Chukagayu
ハラル餃子 Halal Gyoza
ハラルサラダ Halal Salad
豆腐三昧 Tofu Zanmai
豆乳チャイ Soymilk Chai 
コーヒー Coffee

At the Halal Japan Society Halal Seminar

04 Dec



At the Hamamatsu Cho Tokyo Japan on Saturday, 15th September 2018, a halal seminar hosted by the HALAL Japan Association was held. There is an explanation of current situation of Halal in japan such as Halal's know-how by Sakuma, the representative of Halal Japan Association.

 Mr. Saleem Sandha the Representative of Japan Muslim Access (JMA) & V.President of International Memon Organization (IMO) announce that as a Muslim on the platform of International Memon Organization (IMO) we issue Halal Certificates for all convenience stores e.g. Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart etc. , and fast foods such as Mc.Donald, KFC ,Mos Burger etc. and all restaurants surrounding the Tokyo are free of Certificate Fee for the great upcoming event of 2020 Japan Olympics.

The Free Certificate issue is the reason that Mr. Saleem Sandha want to introduce International Memon Organization (IMO) to the Japanese & Japanese Government, the IMO is providing free services for all Muslims in the world to show who we are as International Memon Organization (IMO).

JMA Halal logo trademark registration completed.

03 Dec


Registration was officially completed in June 2018, although we submitted JMA's logo to register trademarks from last year.


03 Dec

SANKYO UNYU AERVICE Co., Ltd., which has acquired JAKIM certification.

The head office is located in Koshigaya city, Saitama prefecture.

After having relocated the office, I came all the way to say hello.

In the domestic, we mainly work for co-op etc. We are based in Penang abroad and are working hard to develop Halal.


I listened to the situation of overseas and talked about domestic Halal, but policies that I wanted to deliver to everyone in the neat Harald have been passed on very much.

We hope to cooperate with JMA to spread Halal.

If you have a request for Halal's transportation, why do not you contact us once. There is no doubt that you can help us.

Current state of Japanese halal

03 Dec

Japan is attracting much attention from overseas by culture and food culture, and tourists can also say eel is eeling through social media. Muslims are expected to exceed 700,000 in 2016 and reach 1.4 million in 2020 (Japan Muslim Travel Index 2017 (JMTI)).
There are many overseas who want to touch Japanese culture and want to enjoy Japanese unique food culture.
But when I come to Japan, there are many Muslims who feel that there is a problem with traveling such as having trouble with accommodation, which I can not eat just by looking at the end. It is in Japan that Haral correspondence, Halal menu, Halal products are few in Japan.

Unlike when I did not even hear the word Halal at all, Japan's Halal has increased somewhat, but it is limited to metropolitan areas and large sightseeing spots, and it is also one of the reasons for overseas giving up on Japan I will.

In addition, Muslims, foreign students living in Japan, foreign students living in Japan, those who newly work in Japan have a lot of hardships to eat and go out.

For Japanese people, it can be said that Halal food is a healthy diet. With healthy boom now, I think that together with organic vegan, we can also choose as a casual eatable item.

About halal in the world

03 Dec

In 2017 the world population is about 7.3 billion people, Muslims (Muslim) is 1.6 billion people. Following Christianity, it is the second largest religion in the world.
Muslims are often found in ASEAN (Southeast Asian countries), while Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are also mixed with nonhalals, Halal is regarded as common sense.
In Malaysia we operate the Islamic Development Agency (JAKIM) of the Malaysian Federal Government with Halal's certification as the country. Singapore is a nationally non-Muslim country, but Halal is penetrating to attract tourists, and the Singapore Islamic Council (MUIS) is certifying. About 90% of the people in Indonesia are Muslims, there is Indonesia Urama Council (LPPOM - MUI).
Also in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates UEA) there is a certification body called the Federal Institute of Standards and Measurement (ESMA).

Halal standards are set for each country, and strict investigation and standards are set up to protect Hallar properly and live. There are various environments such as Muslims taught Halal since birth, Muslims of countries mixed with people who are not Muslims.


About inbound in Japan

03 Dec

Inbound means to visit on a trip from overseas, but it has become a word heard everywhere in Japan. The government launched a policy of 20 million foreign tourists visiting Japan to 40 million as an environment for accepting visitors to foreign visitors to Japan.
Towards the creation of a new country for "tourism developed countries", at the "Tourism Vision Conception Meeting to Support Japan in the Tomorrow" on March 30, the New Tourism Vision "Tourism Vision to Support Japan tomorrow" I formulated it.
Looking at the trend of the number of visitors to Japan since the start of the visit Japan project announced by the Japanese government tourist office, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, which was about 5.21 million in 2003, was about 240.4 million in 2016 It has increased by 5 times, and in 2017 the number has further increased to 28.69 million.
Approximately 70% of the population is called Muslims from the Asian region visiting Japanese visitors, accounting for 3/4 of the total, preparing for Muslim correspondence as a welcoming side is a challenge.
About 60% of the population is about 440,000 from Muslim Malaysia and 90% from about 90% Indonesia, about 3 times more than 5 years ago. Southeast Asia, which has many Muslims, is currently in the midst of economic growth, and some years later it is anticipated that it will exceed Chinese customers.