Inbound means to visit on a trip from overseas, but it has become a word h"/>

About inbound in Japan

03 Dec

Inbound means to visit on a trip from overseas, but it has become a word heard everywhere in Japan. The government launched a policy of 20 million foreign tourists visiting Japan to 40 million as an environment for accepting visitors to foreign visitors to Japan.
Towards the creation of a new country for "tourism developed countries", at the "Tourism Vision Conception Meeting to Support Japan in the Tomorrow" on March 30, the New Tourism Vision "Tourism Vision to Support Japan tomorrow" I formulated it.
Looking at the trend of the number of visitors to Japan since the start of the visit Japan project announced by the Japanese government tourist office, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, which was about 5.21 million in 2003, was about 240.4 million in 2016 It has increased by 5 times, and in 2017 the number has further increased to 28.69 million.
Approximately 70% of the population is called Muslims from the Asian region visiting Japanese visitors, accounting for 3/4 of the total, preparing for Muslim correspondence as a welcoming side is a challenge.
About 60% of the population is about 440,000 from Muslim Malaysia and 90% from about 90% Indonesia, about 3 times more than 5 years ago. Southeast Asia, which has many Muslims, is currently in the midst of economic growth, and some years later it is anticipated that it will exceed Chinese customers.